Who we are
Founded in 1997 IDSPL has grown rapidly to become the leading providers of CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/KBE/RE solutions to the mechanical industry in India. With a “Customer Centric” focus, IDSPL has always been very attentive to the changing manufacturing landscape and customer feedback to enhance the product portfolio as well as the customer support mechanism to ensure that our customers get nothing but the best.

We take pride in our culture which is based on the belief that our customers are the reason we are in the business and we want to be a partner in their success. It is always easier to do business with satisfied customers and a satisfied customer brings in more customers, hence it is in our interest to bring value to the businesses of our customers and make them our references. For us it always is “Customer First”

We like to do our business on very honest commitments and accountability for the same to become and remain a trustworthy partner with our customers.

A very important ingredient to the company’s growth is quality. Being a service organization, this parameter is of the utmost importance to us and we are always looking for ways and means to evaluate and upgrade ourselves in this area.

We also very strongly believe that for us to be successful each member of the organization has to have enthusiasm, competency, innovative thinking and urge to share the growth and development of the company. We believe that the purpose of team is to have team members covering up for each other’s deficiencies and the organization is just a platform for each team member to excel in his/her area of strength. For small organizations like ours it is extremely important that each team members thinks and acts like an entrepreneur and we’re always looking for go-getters with innovative, out-of-box thinking that can bring value to our customers, themselves and the organization.

Best Infrastructure in India

IDSPL has been awarded the “Best Technical Infrastructure and Customer Satisfaction for 2010 in India” amongst all Solidworks Resellers at the SolidWorks India Reseller Meet at Delhi.

Our Vision

“To become the sales oriented profitable & sustainable Leading industrial services & solution consultants”


“Deliver maximum benefits of technology to the customers by providing strategic training and unconditional support”

  • Extremely focused, energetic and competent team with thorough experience and exposure to all the products and services being offered.
  • Result oriented and target based approach.
  • Knack of understanding customer issues and problems to deliver a solution in least time frame.
  • Positive attitude and aggression to become successful.
  • Sensitivity to customer feedback and willingness to incorporate best working practices for continuous improvement.