Andel Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Andel Equipment Pvt. Ltd. the pioneer in the field of manufacturing fermenters for over a decade in Mohali, Punjab


  • Take a product from virtual concept to actual manufacturing.
  • Reduce design cycle time.
  • Pre Installation design & drawings.
  • To control design errors
  • Communication gap between design & Production team.
  • Aesthetic of overall assembly


  • SolidWorks helped us in visualizing the layout of pipelines and instruments at the early stage of final assembly at site.
  • Savings on the BOM during erection at site.
  • Saving of 50% Time in outside installation & Fabrication.
  • E-Drawings helped us in effectively communicating designs with customers and vendors
  • Better costing of the projects.


EMCO has been producing quality electrical equipment such as motors, motors controls and high voltage panels since 1976.

EMCO  has  three subsidiaries

•        EMCO switchgears
•        EMCO electrodyne
•        EMCO electrodynamics

Product Design Challenges:

  • Proving the design with respect to vibration.
  • Conceptualization and Visualization of New Product
  • Real-time weight Calculation
  • Create the 2D drawing from 3D model,
  • Find out the actual size of bend sheets


  • Solid Works helped us in visualizing our concepts at the early stage of Product Development process
  • Automatic flattering of sheet metal parts (with bend allowance)
  • Create complete drawings automatically from 3D model.

Assembly Design Challenges:

  • Interference detection
  • Fitment of various rotational parts.
  • BOM generational
  • Design modification
  • Air gap tolerances with respect to electrical design


  • With SolidWorks we gain Speed and Flexibility in Managing Assemblies .
  • Design assembly components and change specifications easily from within the assembly to ensure optimal fit and avoid faulty fitment.


BAJAJ MOTORS has its specialization in machining for Auto components specifically Precision Engine Components.


  • Design a Fixture to perform Multi Operations
  • Design a Fixture with minimum resting area, So that Forging errors should not          transfer into further operations.
  • Earlier we were using  the three set-ups to  get this result.
  • Due to multi operations, Rework % was very high (pad Squareness w.r.t. bore).
  • Doing the 100% rework by adding extra operation (Straightening).
  • Increase the Productivity.


  • We have designed a Fixture, to perform Multi Operations.
  • By using SolidWorks, We were able to better materialized our concepts
  • We were able to achieve our target by doing it in one setup only.
  • By doing it in one setup instead of three we have Increased our Productivity drastically.
  • Also Removed the extra operation (Straightening).
  • Reworking is totally removed.


Dantal Hydraulics (P) Ltd.

Dantal Hydraulics Pvt. Limited is a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Cylinders,  Systems, Winches and Aircraft Service Trolleys. Dantal Hydraulics was established in  the year 1990.

Challenges: By CAD Implementation

  • Drawing delivery time
  • Duplicity of part files
  • No standard working process for designing cylinders
  • Searching standard & similar components from library
  • Unwanted Changes in Library parts. So, library files disturbed.
  • To Create a similar project from existing one, Huge time is wasted in Replacement of views, Dimension & Annotation in drawing sheet after modification.


  •   Automation for Standard Cylinder Designing
  •   Design cycle is reduced from 4 Hours to 10 Minutes.
  •   Standard process for cylinder Designing.
  •   Easy searching methods
  •   Standard Process to do the modifications
  •   Minimum inputs for changes.
  •   Design cycle is reduced from 4 Hours to 10 Minutes

Data Management Challenges

  • Make the Production Workshop paperless by providing secure access to manufacturing users on design data.
  • Searching a data from large data bank is very big challenge
  • Centralize the design data by Connecting remote offices and other locations
  • To maintain the ECN / ECO of Projects. Remote & Other Offices can’t log ECN
  • Data Security
  • SAP Connectivity
  • Improve processes and communication.
  • Enable effective design teams in Multiple locations
  • Ensure regulatory compliance according to ISO norms.
  • Manage all job related information CAD & Non-CAD Data such as 2D and 3D  design data, Technical documentation  (Word , Excel, Acrobat and relevant Outlook email messages).
  • Can’t review the status of the new Enquiries/Projects
  • Very difficult to get the Exact status for the projects during development stage

Benefits from SolidWorks EPDM

  • Customized Workflow as per our industry process (our Process Requirement)
  • Structured document approval processes
  • Better communication between all the departments & multiple locations (like Design Review)
  • Getting proper notification for every approval/release/changes
  • Centralization of complete Project Data (CAD & Non-CAD Data like Quotations, Process Sheets, Inspection Sheets, Reports, etc.)
  • Provide accurate, timely and secure data access across the company
  • Automatic Process Control of ECN and ECO process
  • Allow collaboration with multiple sites through Replication
  • Report Generation to get the complete status of project at any time
  • Document searching capability
  • EPDM provides a Web interface to connect all the plants and offices in multiple locations
  • Workshop users can access design data in computers. No need of hard copies for manufacturing

Challenges: DriveWorks

Calculation involves manual entries, So, Chances of errors are very high.
Searching time is very high.


  • Time Reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes
  • No Searching time.
  • No manual Calculation
  • Directly entry to Centralized Data Management Solution (EPDM).

RITES Ltd. Gurgaon

RITES, a schedule “A” Government of India Enterprise, provides comprehensive engineering, consultancy and project management services in the transport infrastructure sector under a single roof. Established in 1974, the company has diversified into new areas of business such as export/leasing, maintenance and rehabilitation of railway rolling stock, operation and maintenance of railway systems under concession agreements and BOT, BOLT and PPP projects.


  • Rites is working on projects starting from conceptual design to validation level using simulation techniques.
  • Main challenge being faced by RITES is to come up with optimized designs. This requires more than one iteration of FEM simulation in which the outcome of the previous iteration forms a part of the input for the next iteration after suitable modification in the geometry of the model.
  • The inherent feature of SolidWorks of tightly integrated geometrical model with the analysis engine, both sharing the same database, came in very handy for this work because of its capability of toggling between the model and simulation, resulting in significant time saving.


  • SolidWorks interface is more MS-Office like therefore easy to use which reduces learning and reorientation of staff working on other similar software
  • Due to single platform for modeling and FEA, it is easier to modify the FEA model by simply toggling over to geometrical model by a single mouse click. This results in significant time shaving resulting into timely completion of project.
  • By using Duplicate Study Feature available in SolidWorks Simulation one can easily make Studies with different load conditions (no need to define fixtures , contacts and to create mesh again)
  • Reduces the number of prototypes.
  • Easy to copy Loads, Fixtures, Material and even Mesh from one Study to another study which makes work faster.


  • Conceptualization and Visualization of Press
  • Real-time weight Calculation of Press and its Parts
  • Fitment problem.
  • BOM
  • Clearance Between Moving parts.
  • Communication Between Design Deptt. And Production Deptt.
  • Accurate Drawings.


  • Solid Works helped us in visualizing our concepts at the early stage of Product Development process
  • Weight was calculate form 3d models by assigning material to 3d models.
  • Interference was checked with the help of Interference Detection Tool.
  • BOM was automatically create from Assembly.
  • Clearance was checked through Clearance Verification tool.
  • 3d Model help production team to better  understand the design.
  • Create complete drawings automatically from 3D model.

Benefits to Organization

  • Because of Accurate and automatic BOM inventory is controlled.
  • Design Library capability has given benefit to create a family for variants
  • By analyzing the motion, We checked the interferences,  collision detection on design     stage only & created the better design in less time.
  • Based on Reference design capability of SolidWorks, Designing & Modification     becomes so easy.
  • Solid Works help us in better visualize our concepts at the early stage of     Designing  process
  • Reduced New Product Development Time
  • Reduced Post Design Issues
  • Reduced Drawing Errors
  • Reduce Prototypes.

R. K. Transonic Engineers (P) Ltd.

Transonic ultrasonic has been designing industrial ultrasonic cleaning system since 1999. It is the only Indian company of its kind that manufactures in-house every component in its systems, which means it completely guarantees its equipment and provides technical assistance even years after the warranty period has expired


  • Conceptualization and Visualization of New Product
  • Real-time weight Calculation
  • Layout of Utilities pipelines for better operation
  • Design Communication for erection team
  • Wastage of material at production
  • Increase in dead inventories
  • More installation time


  • Solid Works helped us in visualizing the layout of pipelines and instruments at the early stage of final assembly at site.
  • Savings on the BOM during erection at site.
  • Saving of 50% time in outside installation & fabrication.
  • E-drawings helped us in effectively communicating designs with customers and vendors.
  • Better costing of the projects

Associated Machinery Corporation Ltd. (AMCO)


Associated Machinery Corporation Ltd. is manufacturing machines, wire processing machines, wire drawing machines etc.The primary challenge was to create a “Wire drawing machine” on 3D Environment from 2D Drawing in such a way so that if we change some variables/ parameters in assembly and that change will be reflected within the assembly as well as the each and every parts and Drawings. Rendering for realistic presentation.


  • It accurately show customers product designs that meet their design specifications. We improved our quality of communication with the shop using more realistic 3D models.
  • Its easy to built fabrication and sheet metal parts in solidworks.
  • We can easily capture the realistic picture for presentation.

Neolite ZKW Lightings Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 1952 , we have consistently expanded our products, markets & capabilities in the automotive lighting market. In recent years we could multiply our production.
Our focus is on strenghening our technical expertice and expanding our infrastructure becoming preferred supplier in the OEM Passenger Car segment.
We are in the process of setting up new plant in DELHI NCR Region to cater to Indian and Global OEMS’s. We develop products from concept design to production stage (Including Simulation, Proto-typing, Validation).


  •  Reduce Design Errors
  • Reduce Design Cycle Time
  • Need user friendly system with Cost Competitiveness
  • Automatic BOM Generation and Updating facility
  • Handling of Point Cloud Data
  • Handling of different Imported data formats (Parasolid, iGES, etc.)


  • Optics Designing of Lenses & Modifications.
  • MFR Reflectors designing & Modifications
  • Reduces Design cycle time
  • Handling of Point Cloud Data/Mesh Data


  •  High Capabilities of design & modifications for :

-Optical lenses
-Multi focal Reflectors

  • Scan to 3D has increased our ability to handle complex Point cloud data/Mesh data
  • Cut down the Design Cycle time  by 50%


  • Developing Core/Cavity of complex shapes
  • Parting Line Prediction.
  • Detecting adequate draft in the product for smooth opening of mold.
  • Visualizing Mold opening for complex/split molds with multiple side core.
  • Import Part handling.

Precitech Systems, Noida

Precitech Systems is a leading supplier of standard, modified standard, custom AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, power supply test equipment, electronic load , frequency converters, high current rectifiers, high voltage transformers & power supplies and also specialize in system feature enhancement.

Challenges :-

  • Projects that we had done before using Flow Simulation involved making the prototypes and do the experimental and field test on them, which accounted so much time, money and efforts. As a result of which the project cycle time is high.
  • Optimization of design like the location and number of the components (fans etc).

Benefits to Organization :-

  • Reduced the Design Cycle time.
  • Number of prototypes were also reduced which is very cost effective.
  • Lead to Design Optimization.
  • With the help of e-Drawing we were able to share the results in 3-D form with our customers and different departments.
  • Automatic report generation also helped in saving time.