Being under our Subscription Service entitles your organization to receive software upgrades and updates, our technical support, and access to a wide variety of resources and content from SolidWorks or the other Software providers.

Software upgrades and enhancements. You will get automatic upgrades to the most current versions of the software, including new releases and service packs. Every software company is continually improving its software and keeping your tool up-to-date will give your organization a definite advantage of using the latest developments that enhance the usability and the productivity.

Knowledge Base. Being under Subscription allows you to search a comprehensive library of documents, including Technical Articles, Help Topics, Tech Tips, Tech Alerts, Macros, and Best Practices, all written and reviewed by SolidWorks experts. In-depth articles give you insight into features, operations, and solutions covering all product capabilities. Whenever you need information – day or night – be confident that the answers are at your fingertips.

Enhancement request privileges. Your SolidWorks Subscription Services membership entitles you to make enhancement requests, so you can directly influence the future development of SolidWorks software. In fact, Subscription Services members initiate over 90 percent of the hundreds of enhancements introduced with each new release of SolidWorks software. You can even provide input on the functionality required for your specific use of the product.

Technical support services. discuss and get solutions to your day-to-day software usage issues by interacting with our technical support team. Support services include telephone assistance with product features, menu commands, installation issues, and troubleshooting. You not just get the telephonic support but also can make use of our state of the art online support system which we can use to look remotely at your problems that are difficult to explain over the phone and suggest an immediate solution for the same. This service of ours has been so successful that we have been able to resolve to more than 95% of the problems within ½ hr of the problem being reported. This ensures that you don’t have to wait for getting your issues resolved so that you don’t lose out on productivity.

The SolidWorks Customer Portal gives you 24/7 online access to a full range of information and resources featuring: Find the latest versions of SolidWorks software and service pack updates.

  • Access the Knowledge Base, containing a wide range of technical documents and resources.
  • View your SRs (Service Requests).
  • View your SPRs (Bugs).
  • Make enhancement requests.
  • Participate in our discussion forums.
  • Review and register your software license and Subscription Service renewal information.
  • Edit your profile.